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Ancient Market

The Ancient Agora of Athens was the heart of the ancient city: a large, open square that was the seat of justice, the political, economic, administrative, social, philosophical and religious and cultural center of the city, where all the citizens of the city gathered for to carry out any kind of activity. Having been destroyed several times over the centuries, excavations began in the 19th century and continue even today.

Among the important buildings of the Ancient Agora is the Stoa of Attalus which was built by the king of Pergamum Attalus, who studied in Athens. The Stoa became the central commercial building of the Agora and today houses the Museum of the Ancient Agora. Equally important is the Temple of Hephaestus and Athena Ergani (the later Thision), Doric style, on top of the hill, as well as the Basilios Stoa, the Bouleuterion and the Dome.